• Try to maintain positive and nice attitude. We just want to have some fun and play together.
  • Trolling or teasing other teams and players is fine. Competitive provocations are fine as well.
  • However, we will NOT tolerate insults or personal attacks.
  • Don’t discuss or link to inappropriate content.
  • Please be there at least 10 minutes earlier. This means that if you connect to the game too late and aren't ready to play and don't have the mappack (in case it's required) you will be disqualified.


We don't tolerate cheating, and any cheating will lead to a permanent ban. There will not be an anti-cheat client that is required to play. However, we do have a server-side anti-cheat detection feature which can still detect specific methods of cheating.


In case of any issues, please contact one of the staff members or referees.

If you feel that there is lag, you can pause the game and wait for the problems to resolve. If the participants can't resolve the issues contact someone from the staff.